We're Here For You

On March 3, 2020 our business came to a screeching... pause, not a stop!

We choose to see it as a pause because we at Tiggett & Co. are still moving forward, just in new ways. We know you still have:

  • leaders to be developed
  • emerging talent whose ambitions still need to be stoked and guided
  • valuable employees whose confidence could use a boost
  • a workforce who could use some inspiration, tools, strategy, and motivation

Especially at times like these.

What’re we doing about it?

  • Online content that’s still our signature high energy, interactive, and inspirational experience.
  • Still offering our in-person courses when we get the “all clear”. Click here for our program offerings for both online and in-person.
  • Hosting online conversations. We desire to help our community reflect, take baby steps to move forward, and even dig deep for bolder action, through an interactive program called “Create Your Game Plan in Times of Uncertainty” co-hosted with Life and Executive Coach Susan Alexander of Rosebud Coaching and Consulting.
  • Expanding our staff beyond Tiggett's very own Programs Manager Jennifer Zimmer, and our trusty co-facilitator, co-pilot, curriculum advisor, Jennifer Nicholas, to also include online "co-pilots" Ali Wright and Alissa Schwartz of partnering organization The Event Collective. Drum roll... in 2020 we welcomed our first guy to join the team as our Business Intelligence Analyst. Vamshi Pasham will work with all analytics, data, and research components and will update our internal tech tools.

We sure miss you- so why not join us for a conversation or for an online course? Contact Us!

No matter what’s going on in your world, we’re here and wish you well.