Partnering for Confident Female Leaders, Cultures of Equality, and Elevating Diverse Talent

Organizations are Challenged with

  • Retention of female talent and next generation leaders
  • Diversifying leadership ranks and roles to reflect the consumer base
  • Addressing and remedying pay and span of control disparity
  • Employees being unsure how to “own” one’s career mobility

Rest assured - your people are ready to lead. They simply need a career strategy blueprint to fine-tune their abilities in three key areas of leadership development: to be heard, to be seen, and to be strategic.

Great news! We have the programs that provide measurable results and motivate your emerging leaders to own their career more confidently in new and exciting ways!

Fine-Tuning Leadership Skills in an Interactive Experience to Break Career Barriers

Interactive Leadership Programs

Fine-tune leadership skills and watch your people lead with confidence and courage to thrive!

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We hand your training experts an end-to-end, easy-to-implement program that you can further customize and run with as often as you like.

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See our overview with a detailed breakout of our service offerings:

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Thousands of Leaders Equipped through Practice and Strategy, Reporting Increased Confidence and Measurable Advances in Leadership Ability

WHY should this self-reported confidence boost MATTER to you? In a nutshell, it creates leadership diversity through:

  • strategic action
  • self-motivation
  • accountability and self-driven mobility
  • role modeling “the possible” for others
  • tools proven to work
  • more confidence
  • retention
  • collaboration with senior leaders

If you like the WIN-WIN of this for your next generation of female leaders, and for your company, we’d love to share in more detail with you how we get these results

Imagine partnering with an organization that consistently raises the confidence levels of your emerging leaders by 25% on average.

It Works!

“Tonya Tiggett masterfully engaged a group of 120 professionals who provide services in the energy industry. I witnessed the Ah-Ha moments resulting from Tonya’s electrifying presentation and usable tools. Our session was so inspiring that our class was full despite it being the last topic of a 3 day conference.”
Velda Otey
Retired, former CIO
Past President WiNUP

“I was offered a team lead position recently but was hesitant to take this opportunity because I just had a baby and had no idea how I would manage work and a newborn. So, I was close to saying 'no.' But, from our discussion in class when we talked about the importance of saying 'yes' if it’s a good opportunity and if you have some knowledge, interest, and experience, I kept thinking about this. Finally, I said 'yes!' Now I’m already strategically planning how I can leverage this role for more opportunity.”

"I accepted a Director of Accounting position... You helped me realize that I have to ask for what I want and while it may not have happened here, it did happen! Two levels above my old role is not too bad at all! Thanks so much for all you do. You never know how your message may influence someone."